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Sunny Suzette Shorts Story

Please note there are affiliate links throughout where I earn a commission if you use the links but at no extra costs to you.


If you can't already tell from the title of this post, I enjoy a little bit of alliteration. All jokes aside, here's a bit of background around my latest design that is now available as part of the Crochet Foundry June Issue 22 Magazine.

Design choices

The theme of their Summer issues is Pink Lemonade. I initially wanted to use the Lemon peel stitch in this design but after receiving the yarn and hook and swatching, I soon realised that it was not creating the type of fabric I was going for. I wanted these shorts to have full coverage so you can wear them all summer long and not have to worry about anyone seeing through them. Don't get me wrong, I would love to design a pair of holiday shorts that you wear over your swimsuit but these shorts were designed to wear whether you are on holiday or just doing every day tasks.

Out of this search to find a simple textured stitch that created a fabric that you couldn't see through, I settled on the Suzette stitch. Worked in the round, it is a one round repeat that I could have worked mindlessly for hours. This still created small holes in the fabric so I paired the suzette stitch with the Waistcoat stitch (crochet knit stitch) which worked perfectly.


This was my first time using a Furls Candy Shop hook and I absolutely loved it. As I have small hands, I have found it more comfortable to use Furls Candy Shop hooks or Furls Alphas. If you have not tried either before, why not take a look for yourself and see if they would work for you.

It was also my first time using a Lucet fork and I was surprised at how quickly the cord worked up. So much so that I actually had to frog some of it to get back to my desired length for the belt of the shorts. Gone are the days of making a long chain and slip stitching back along it for me!


WeCrochet Shine Sport is fast becoming one of my favourite Summer yarns. They have a range of colours so you can make statement pieces for your Summer wardrobe using these bright, vibrant colours. Have you tried Shine Sport before? If not, I suggest you give it a try if you like making summer garments. It is soft to crochet with and soft on the skin. It also has great stitch definition and memory so the garment keeps it shape.


This pattern would not be complete without the valuable feedback from my testers. Please see some example pictures below and check out their Instagram pages.



Please feel free to check out the link to the pattern above if you want to purchase it or find out any additional information. If you have any questions at all or want to be entered for a chance to win a copy of the Crochet Foundry June 2022 issue, please leave a comment below.

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